Sanjeevani Kaya Shodhan Sansthan
Sanjeevani Kaya Shodhan Sansthan



Types of Accommodations

Minimum stay is for three days

Premium Room Double Occupancy

( lawn facing ) Including stay and food

Kit – Big towel + Eye wash cup + Napkins + Green tea + Disposable

Charge ( per day )

Rs. 2400/-

Executive Room Double Occupancy

( Including stay and food )

( kit – Eye wash cup + Napkins )


Charge ( per day )

Rs. 1750/-


Dormitory ( Four Beds )

( Including stay and food )

( Kit – Eye wash cup + Napkins )


Charge ( per day )

Rs. 500/- ( per bed )

NOTE:  If a patient  desires to hold complete room. He will be charged for full room.
The tariff of accommodations covers:
Consultation, Food,  Shatkarma, Yoga and meditation  Gym

2.Treatment Charges

Naturopathy Treatment charges Rs.1800/- per patient are compulsory for all categories. Naturopathy treatment includes Steam, Sauna, Massage, Jacuzzi, Mud-laip, Hip bath, Compress, Wet  Sheet Lapait, Sun Bath, Tharmolium, Local Steam Lapait, etc. as prescribed by the Doctor

3.Booking procedure        

  1. Check availability
    B. Fill your complete form
    C. Deposit advance for:

Premium room (non-refundable)   = Rs.6000/-

Executive room (non-refundable)   = Rs.5000/-

Dormitory (non-refundable)            =Rs.4000/-

  1. Get confirmation from Sanjeevani


4.Diet & Treatment will be prescribed by the Doctor

5.Age limit: maximum of 70 years.

  1. Alcohol tobacco, pan-masala, smoking, and other substances use is strictly prohibited in the premises.
  2. 7. No indoor patient is allowed to go out of Sanjeevani boundary without the written permission of doctor concern as it is not beneficial for their health.
  1. CHECK-IN-TIME:      9.00 AM
    CHECK-OUT-TIME:  8.00 AM

9.Things to bring –

  • Two Towels, under-garments swimming costume, walking shoes, etc.
  • Medical reports & medicine, I.D Proof.
  • Personal Attendant – Rs.500/- ( per day )
  • Meditation can be done in Ashram
  • An individual suffering from heart problem & infectious diseases will not be enrolled in the programme.
  1. 10. Facility of Beauty Parlour and Herbal Shopee is available in the institute.


                Every Patient has to pay 2% Staff Welfare on the Total Bill.


  1. Charges For Additional Health Package  
1. Health Package  OT (Oil-therapy ) Rs.4500/- ( 3 Sitting)
2. Health Package  SD ( Shirodhara ) Rs.2500/- ( 3  Sitting)
3. Health Package CI   (Colon irrigation ) Rs.1100/- ( Per Sitting) 
4. Special Scrub & Detox Massage Rs.1200/- ( Per Sitting)
5. Castor Oil Pack Rs.300/-   ( Per Sitting)
6. Mud Bath Rs.400/-(Per Sitting)
7. Physiotherapy  According to therapy
8. Acupressure   100/- per sitting
9. Lab Test According to Test (out sourced
10. Beauty Parlour According to therapy




Bank Punjab National Bank
Account Holder Swami Satyanand Sanjeevani Kaya Shodhan Sansthan
Account No. 2352000100086960
IFSC Code PUNB0235200
Branch Khandrai (GOHANA)
  1. You Can do advance Booking on E-mail By Direct Telephone


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